Volume 108, Number 1


Proving ground

The University of Chicago’s Urban Labs turn promising ideas for helping cities into hard evidence of what works.

Déjà views

Historical postcards capture the University as it was and as it wanted to be seen.

Future tense

What will 2040 be like?

Chartered philanthropy

As the historic document turns 800, David M. Rubenstein, JD’73, reflects on preserving a Magna Carta in the United States.

Sweet honey in the rocks

The history of beekeeping stretches back centuries, the director of the Oriental Institute found when a hobby turned into a scholarly pursuit.

Editor’s Notes

Back to the future

Prospect and retrospect.


Readers sound off

Readers discuss the University’s policy on freedom of expression; add personal recollections of chemist Harold Urey; celebrate professor Robert Morrissey, PhD’82, and the University’s Center in Paris; respond to other readers’ letters; and more.

Course work

Gaming the vote

In political scientist Monika Nalepa’s game theory course, students learn how voters play around with political participation.

UChicago Journal

Avant garde

For a century, the Renaissance Society has focused on artists and the ideas that inspire them.

Past and present

College dean John W. Boyer turns a historian’s eye to the University.

Critical care

Sinai Health System and the University of Chicago Medicine partner to provide trauma care services at Holy Cross Hospital.

Share and protect

Craig Futterman and his students work to make police departments more transparent, starting in Chicago.


Graduate students offer hands-on science and technology education to local youth.

News you can use

Alisa Miller, MPP’99, MBA’99, thinks public media can change Americans’ worldviews.

Interview: Continuing education

Questions for doctor, businessman, and quadruple degree holder Robert Behar.

Citations: Faculty research

A selection of recent faculty research news.

For the Record: University news

A selection of the latest headlines from UChicago.

Original Source: New moon

Although Leonardo da Vinci famously made realistic sketches of the moon’s surface spots in the early 16th century, the first published images of the moon as seen through a telescope were Galileo Galilei’s.

William Rainey Harper’s Index: Touchdown

Maroon football, by the numbers.

Fig. 1: Brain power

As a researcher, Caroline Albertin, SM’12, a PhD student in organismal biology and anatomy, has always been partial to weird animals: mussels, centipedes, cave fish—and cephalopods.

Peer review


The Magazine lists a selection of general interest books, films, and albums by alumni. For additional alumni releases, browse the Magazine’s Goodreads bookshelf.


Highlights from the latest alumni news columns.


University obituaries

Recent faculty, staff, and alumni obituaries.

Lite of the Mind

Power tweeters

Four professors, an alumnus, and an intern on how and why they tweet.