Volume 109, Number 2


No small talent

In the 1960s the Small School Talent Search sought promising young scholars in rural areas. Fifty years later, one of those students gives his perspective on the program and its legacy.

Grass roots

Retired Racehorse Project founder Steuart Pittman Jr., AB’85, advocates for off-track Thoroughbreds.

War stories

Photojournalist Jonathan Alpeyrie, AB’03, shoots from the front lines.

Out in front

Pioneering pathologist Nancy Warner, SB’44, MD’49, is helping other women scholars follow in her path.

Editor’s Notes

In the swim

From the Small School Talent Search to the Odyssey Scholarship program, an education in supporting students.


Readers sound off

Readers reflect on the impact of James Cronin, SM’53, PhD’55, and Frank Lillie, PhD 1894; debate climate change and free-market capitalism; remember the T-Hut; make observations about observing nature; and more.

C. Vitae

A life in print

Retired University of Chicago Press editor T. David Brent, AB’70, AM’71, PhD’77, brought imagination and enthusiasm to scholarly publishing.

UChicago Journal

Game changer

Robin Hunicke, AB’95, designs video games for the soul.

Under compulsion

Psychiatrist Jon Grant, AM’87, is helping treat and raise awareness of behavioral addiction.

Little scientists

Think of children as pint-sized psychologists, says parenting expert Erica Reischer, AM’96, PhD’00.

Cultural revelations

Youqin Wang refuses to let the victims of China’s Cultural Revolution be forgotten.

Fight song

In her critically acclaimed opera, Amy Stebbins, AM’14, tackles the timeless problem of war.

Start-up support

A new investment program gives fledgling UChicago companies a boost.

Electoral reflections

Following the presidential race, UChicagoans discussed what to expect after the unexpected.

Interview: Lego star

How David Pickett, AB’07, built his dream career, brick by brick.

Citations: Faculty research

Using teenage defiance to encourage healthy eating; loneliness is heritable; the mystery of the missing crust; preventing kidney stones.

For the Record: University news

A selection of the latest headlines from UChicago.

Original Source: Rediscovered

A century-old J. M. Barrie play gets a Chicago revival.

Fig. 1: From fins to fingers

Two experiments reveal the genetic connections between fins and digits.

William Rainey Harper’s Index: Living data

Everyday activity in UChicagoʼs residence halls.

Peer review


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Highlights from the latest alumni news columns.

Alumni essay

Rumbling down unknown streets

Grieving father Stéphane Gerson, AM’92, PhD’97, seeks comfort in historical writings and family stories.


University obituaries

Recent faculty, staff, trustee, and alumni obituaries.

Lite of the Mind

Square deal

Pixels and planning come together to form the Magazine’s new website—and our office’s new Post-it phoenix mural.