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From the print archive: The man who inspired the Metcalf Internship Program. 


The word that comes to one Odyssey scholar’s mind: freedom.


After studying African Civilizations at the Center in Paris, undergrads put their feet on the ground.

At UChicago, theatrical suffering is a proud tradition. The College is more than brutal winters and equally brutal O-chem finals. Here’s a short list of things we love. Just don’t expect to find them on a T-shirt.

Spring 2014

Mathematical topography and a greater-than-usual disregard for sleep helped create a house tradition: the Shorey House maze.

Spring 2014

Award-winning student photographers tell the stories behind the images.

Spring 2014

UChicago Careers in Education Professions gets College students out of the classroom and into … the classroom.

Spring 2014

Health care expert Ken Kaufman, EX’69, MBA’76, helps to keep the College vital.

Spring 2014

Jonathan Park endows an Odyssey Scholarship in honor of his parents.