By studying handedness, psychologist Daniel Casasanto hopes to understand the relationship between body and mind.

Spring/Summer 2016

Political science meets neuroscience to discover the appeal of terrorist recruitment videos.
Fall 2015/Winter 2016

Neuroscientists Ed Awh and Ed Vogel can read thoughts and tell the future. Sort of.


UChicago neuroscientists are working on technology to help paraplegics move robotic arms using their minds.

Grossman Institute scholars explore—and begin to explain—the brain’s vast complexities.

Fall 2014/Winter 2015

The lowly rat got a much-needed reputation boost when a team of UChicago researchers discovered the rodents demonstrate empathy and helping behavior.
Spring/Summer 2011

Chicago professors Jean Decety and John Cacioppo are bringing researchers together to focus on mutual influences between biology and social behavior.


Neuroscientist John Maunsell leads a new institute’s research into the mysteries of the brain.


Neurobiologist Peggy Mason gives almost 55,000 students an online introduction to the brain.


The Think Tank dispatches neuroscience from the lab to the neighborhood.


Two UChicagoans bring diversity to science and engineering, with the help of a bright green truck.


UChicago neuroscientists study how “little bubbles” produced by the body’s cells could treat MS.