A detail of a wool throw by Liam Lee, AB'15. (Photos courtesy Liam Lee)

Throw one on

The colorful textiles of designer Liam Lee, AB’15. 

As an English major at UChicago, Liam Lee, AB’15, was interested in studying the connection between the novel and the built environment. His BA thesis focused on “poetry that approached memory as something constituted through the juxtaposition of objects,” he says.

Throw by Liam Lee

After graduation, Lee moved back to his hometown of New York City. At RUR Architecture DPC, he helped put together the book Projects and Their Consequences (Princeton Architectural Press, 2019), the founders’ reflections on 30 years of their firm’s work. Lee now works as a design assistant for MHS artists, a set design agency for fashion shoots.

Liam LeeA year ago, he opened his own design studio, where he creates furniture and objects, such as these wool throws. He started with textiles because they don’t require much space; the choice was made “largely through convenience,” he says. Lee’s throws are woven by a small wool mill in Ireland. He dyes, felts, and finishes them by hand.

See more of Lee’s textile and furniture designs on Instagram @studio_liamlee.