Volume 109, Number 3


Lingua franca

What if you took a language class and actually learned to speak?

Free verse

Mitsuye Yamada, AM’53, transformed her family’s internment experience into poetry.

Infinite possibilities

How Ken Ono, AB’89, found life in and outside of math.

Bodies of work

Photographer Lewis Hine, EX 1904, captured the changing face of American labor.

All American

Henry Steele Commager (1902–1998), PhB’23, AM’24, PhD’28, was a US historian for the people.

In harmony

How Lucy Kaplansky, LAB’78, made a career of folk music.

Editor’s Notes

Transport yourself

Revisiting days gone by in the pages of the Magazine.


Readers sound off

Readers share their experiences with the Small School Talent Search, encourage mountain climbing, debate free expression, and more.

Course Work

Film forum

Cinema scholar Jacqueline Stewart, AM’93, PhD’99, explores Chicago’s changing filmgoing scene.

UChicago Journal

Ant hero

Graduate student Benjamin Blanchard’s enthusiasm about ants fuels his scientific research.

Community caregiver

The Magazine sits down with the leader of the University’s new level I adult trauma center.

The prison reformer’s dilemma

A UChicago alumnus is challenging the conventional wisdom on mass incarceration.

Left-hand man

By studying handedness, psychologist Daniel Casasanto hopes to understand the relationship between body and mind.

Writ large

Five alumni helped launch the first museum celebrating American literature.

Return voyage

Raghuram Rajan reflects on his time at the Reserve Bank of India and coming back to academia.

Citations: Faculty research

UChicago scholars examine charitable giving behavior, Earth’s iron isotopes, universal flu vaccines, and predictors of STEM success.

For the Record: University news

A selection of the latest headlines from UChicago.

Original Source: Tools of the trade

Pritzker professor Mindy Schwartz hopes that examining artifacts like a 19th-century surgical kit will help her students feel connected to medicine’s rich past.

William Rainey Harper’s Index: Hey, teach

Everyday activity in UChicagoʼs residence halls.

Peer review


The Magazine lists a selection of general interest books, films, and albums by alumni. For additional alumni releases, browse the Magazine’s Goodreads bookshelf.


Highlights from the latest alumni news columns.

Alumni essay

The lost quartet

Ed Navakas, AB’68, PhD’72, remembers love in the time of finals.


University obituaries

Recent faculty, staff, trustee, and alumni obituaries.

Lite of the Mind

What do you call a group of ... ?

Maroon multiples.