“Origami in a Tube” by Di Wang, SM’20

“Origami in a Tube” by Di Wang, SM’20. (Image courtesy Di Wang, SM’20)

Science makes art

PhD students’ prizewinning pictures.

In April a trio of PhD students won the highest honors in the 2023 Science as Art contest. Above, the grand-prize winner “Origami in a Tube” by chemist Di Wang, SM’20. And below, second-place winner “Exploring a Microcosm” by materials scientist Pengju Li; and audience favorite “Fuchsia Bone” by geophysical scientist Rachel Laker. Learn about the research behind the images at mag.uchicago.edu/scienceasart2023.

 (Image courtesy Pengju Li)
“Exploring a Microcosm” by Pengju Li. (Image courtesy Pengju Li)
“Fuchsia Bone” by Rachel Laker.
“Fuchsia Bone” by Rachel Laker. (Image courtesy Rachel Laker)