IKEA man calling customer service

(Tommy Alven/Shutterstock)

<em>Beowulf</em> character or IKEA product?

Is it a character from Beowulf—or a stylish, space-saving household item from IKEA? Bonus points if you can identify which IKEA product!

1. Beanstan

2. Eanmund

3. Gradvis

4. Breca

5. Froda

6. Starreklinte

7. Bergtunga

8. Nereby

9. Ingeld

10. Korvmoj

11. Ecglaf

12. Elan

13. Malm

14. Scyld

15. Ingabritta

16. Skurar

17. Fitela

18. Balungen

19. Merewing

20. Flisat

Anne (Endress) Skove, AB’91, lives in Cincinnati, where her studio is across the street from a pickle factory. Her comic, She Who Laughs, Lasts, appears every Monday in Oddball Magazine. If you want to know whether a particular part of Cincinnati is in Clifton, read her chapter, “That’s Not Clifton,” in the Cincinnati Neighborhood Guidebook. Find more at anneskove.com. Her spouse is Ben Skove, AB’92.

Answers: 1-B; 2-B; 3-I (design line: planters, vases, mister); 4-B; 5-B; 6-I (rug); 7-I (cutting board); 8-I (wall shelf set); 9-B; 10-I (veggie dog); 11-B; 12-B; 13-I (design line: furniture); 14-B; 15-I (throw blanket); 16-I (candle holder); 17-B; 18-I (bathroom accessories); 19-B; 20-I (playroom items)