Screenshot of the new Alumni and Friends website

The new Alumni & Friends website allows you to more easily find other alumni, career and job resources, University faculty research, and more.

Connected by curiosity

A new Alumni & Friends website launched this fall. Designed for alumni, parents, and friends, it’s distinctively UChicago.

Personal touch

Get the most out of the site, including a personalized experience, by signing in. Create an account or log in with Amazon, Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Top of mind

News and learning are at the site’s core, and UChicago Review: Inquiry + Insight gathers faculty research, news, and opinions from across campus—including lectures, podcasts, and (toot, toot) articles from the Magazine.

Changing news and views

Stories, podcasts, and other features are added regularly, and it’s easy to save anything to read, watch, or listen to later. Or sign up for newsletters on science, the College, parenting, and general interest UChicago news.

Lifelong learning meets machine learning

If you’ve signed in, the site learns what you’re interested in and brings relevant stories to your attention.

Directory assistance

Share as much or as little personal info as you want in the alumni directory. Email addresses are never public, but old friends and roommates are only a few clicks away with the new messaging function.


The tax-time scramble is so 2019. On the new site, you can sift through your recent UChicago giving and download gift receipts and year-end tax letters.

Social butterfly

The new Alumni & Friends helps you connect with UChicago people— whether it’s your local club, fellow degree holders, or other alumni with whom you share something in common. Besides a tendency to ask questions.

Bookmark the URL (or check in often enough that your browser takes over):