Yoder. (Photography by Drew Reynolds)
This dog’s life
The many sides of Yoder.
The ten-year-old me who petted every dog that crossed her path and wanted to become a veterinarian when she grew up would have been proud. On a cool day in late April, it was actually my job to spend a few hours with Yoder, a big lug of a dog who happens to belong to classics professor Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer. I profiled Yoder for the latest issue of the Core, getting to know him while trying to get him to strike a pose (fortunately, before leaving the house that morning, I thought to borrow some Milk Bones from my own dog and stuff them in a sandwich bag). The only downside to the assignment was that of the many lovely shots we got of Yoder, we could only use one in the print issue. Thank goodness for the Internet, which has plenty of extra room for Yoder outtakes (despite what the various cats on YouTube may tell you).
Yoder puts out the call for all Hyde Park dogs to join him ...
... but is distracted by a delicious treat.
Yoder strikes a heroic pose.
Yoder stares in disbelief at the suggestion that he catch a flying disc like a common mutt.
Yoder shows his playful side.
Yoder gazes into your soul.