A College student moves onto campus with some help

(Photography by Jean Lachat)

Home sweet home

UChicago's Class of 2024 settles in for an O-Week like no other.

Extra-long twin sheets? Check. Shower caddy? Check. Masks? Check. Getting settled in the College residence halls looked a little different for students, including this member of the Class of 2024, with move-in days staggered throughout the week of September 20 and a mandatory “stay at home” period after arrival on campus. One possible perk of the COVID-19 precautions? No roommates. With residence halls at about 40 percent of their usual density, all rooms (and bedrooms in apartment-style spaces) are single occupancy.

Despite the unusual circumstances, the College newbies were eager to dive into Maroon life. “I definitely look forward to meeting other people, especially putting faces to a lot of people I’ve been talking to online through summer programs,” first-year Kenatu Habetaslassa told UChicago News. “It will be interesting to see what they’re like in real life.”