Four photos from Michael Han's photo essay "Texas Blues"

From the photo essay “Texas Blues” about a typical Spring Quarter day, by Michael Han, Class of 2023. Clockwise from top left: A self-portrait in the front door of his parents’ house; taking a break in his mother’s garden; out for a walk in the neighborhood; preparing for a math quiz. (Photography by Michael Han, Class of 2023)

Subject Lines

The story of Spring Quarter 2020, as told through University emails. 

This article is part of the special feature “A Spring Quarter Like No Other,” which chronicles the experiences of eight College students. Michael Han, Class of 2023, spent the quarter living with his parents in Katy, Texas. He and the other students participated in the project through the Micro-Metcalf Program, short-term internships funded by the College.

March 30, 2020
Monday’s Meal Specials at University of Chicago

March 31, 2020
Supporting South Side | COVID-19 hot spots

April 2, 2020
Your application to Micro-Metcalf Program | The University of Chicago was successfully submitted

April 6, 2020
Spring Quarter Message from Provost Lee

April 10, 2020
[*Yuen House*] Yuen House - Staying Connected

April 17, 2020
recipe exchange

April 23, 2020
Quarantine and Life of the Mind

April 28, 2020
Ducks of Botany Pond | COVID-19 symptoms

May 19, 2020
Our commitment to diversity and inclusion during COVID-19

May 31, 2020
Chicago Protests and Campus Access

June 2, 2020
On requests to cancel final exam: STAT 23400 2,1 (Spring 2020) Statistical Models/Method-1

June 4, 2020
You’re Invited: Taking a Stand Against Racism

June 9, 2020
Teaching awards | History of pandemics

June 10, 2020
An end-of-year message from Dean Boyer

June 11, 2020
[cnrc-eastres] To Finishing Finals & a Glorious Graduation!

June 12, 2020
Friday’s Meal Specials at University of Chicago