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Reader profile

Highly educated. 58.9% of readers with degrees from Chicago have at least one degree from another school, while 15.7% report two or more degrees from the University.
Affluent. 75% of our readers have annual household incomes of $75,000 or more.
Family oriented. 57.7% of Magazine readers are married; 55.9 % have one or more children.
East North Central 36.9%
Illinois 28.9%
Pacific 13.1%
Middle Atlantic 12.7%
South Atlantic 11.4%
New England 6.2%
West North Central 3.9%
Mountain 3.9%
West South Central 3.3%
East South Central 1.4%

University of Chicago Magazine advertising deadlines

Issue Reservation Material due Magazine mails
2017 Winter Dec-12 Dec-29 by Feb-6
2017 Spring Mar-6 Mar-20 by May-8
2017 Summer June-12 June-26 by Aug-7
2017 Fall Sept-14 Sept-28 by Nov-6

General advertising rates

Size Black & White Full Color
Full page $7,305 $10,745
2/3 page $5,340 $8,050
1/2 page $4,465 $7,490
1/3 page $3,125 $5,150
Back cover   $12,470
1/6 page $2,085  
1/12 page $1,030  

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Size Width Depth
Full page (with margin/
white border)
38 picas, 6 points 53 picas, 0.75 points
Full page (with full bleed) 45 picas (trim)
46 picas, 6 points (bleed)
60 picas (trim)
61 picas, 6 points (bleed)
2/3 page, vertical (two columns) 25 picas, 4 points 53 picas, 0.75 points
1/3 page, vertical (one column) 12 picas, 2 points 53 picas, 0.75 points
1/3 page, square 25 picas, 4 points 26 picas
1/6 page, vertical (half, one column) 12 picas, 2 points 26 picas
1/6 page, horizontal 25 picas, 4 points 12 picas, 5 points
1/2 page, horizontal 38 picas, 6 points 26 picas
1/2 page, vertical 18 picas, 9 points 53 picas

*Converting measures: One inch equals six picas, and one pica equals 12 points.

Ad specifications

Invoices and advance copies of the Magazine will be sent upon its mailing.

Digital materials: PDF format (with .125" bleeds) is the preferred file format for file submission. Supply a proof that matches the supplied digital ad. Careful attention must be paid to the proper creation of PDF files to ensure that they will reproduce correctly. All high-resolution images and fonts must be embedded. Images must be TIFF or EPS between 300 and 400 dpi. Do not embed ICC Profiles within images. For more information, please contact

Media: E-mail artwork or send downloading instructions to

Additional charges: PMS-specified colors are charged as additional colors. Any nonroutine production work required due to insufficiently prepared advertising material will be billed at printer's charges.

Late fees: If an ad isn't reserved before the due date, we will charge an extra $100. If the ad is not in by the due date, we will charge an extra $100 for a one column ad, an extra $200 for a two-column, and an extra $300 for a full-page ad. If the ad reservation is cancelled AFTER the reservation deadline or if we never receive the ad, we will charge a kill fee of 1/2 the original cost.


All advertisements are accepted and published by the publisher upon the representation that the agency and advertiser are authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof.

In consideration of the publisher's acceptance of such advertisements for publication, the agency and advertiser will indemnify and hold the publisher harmless from and against any loss for expense, including without limitation reasonable attorney's fees resulting from any claims arising out of the publication of such advertisements.

All contents of advertisements are subject to the publisher's approval.

The publisher reserves the unconditional right to reject or cancel any advertisement or space reservation at any time.

The publisher will not be liable for any cost or damages if for any reason the magazine fails to publish an advertisement.

The publisher is not responsible for errors in key numbers.

Cancellations will not be accepted after ad space deadline date.

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Classified ads

Have a service or product to sell? A vacation home to rent? With this issue, the University of Chicago Magazine introduces a classified-advertising section. Reach 129,000 alumni and friends for just $3.00 per word.

Advertising Rates: $3.00 per word, ten-word minimum. Telephone numbers (including area code) count as one word. Words divided by a slash or hyphen are counted individually. ZIP codes are free. Boldfacing the first three words is standard. Additional boldfacing is $3.00 per word. E-mail and Web addresses are priced based on length (35 characters or over count as two words.)

Discounts: 5% for advertising in 3-5 issues and 15% for 6 or more issues.

Classified ad copy deadlines:

Issue Ad Copy due Magazine mails
2017 Winter Dec-29 by Feb-6
2017 Spring Mar-20 by May-8
2017 Summer June-26 by Aug-7
2017 Fall Sept-28 by Nov-6

Note: The University of Chicago Magazine assumes no liability for the content of, or reply to, any classified advertisement.



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