Setting the Doomsday Clock

As Armageddon nears, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists sends a message of urgency—and hope.

Can the law keep up with robots?

Examining why new technology often poses questions that the law isn’t equipped to answer.

Why words are the new numbers

The coming revolution in data analysis.

Two perspectives on Freud

Professors Jonathan Lear and Françoise Meltzer on the influence of Freud in their work.

Obama Center comes to Chicago

In choosing the South Side, the Barack Obama Foundation cited the opportunity to make a transformative economic impact.

Research can be cool

Teens in a UChicago Medicine program used Jimmy Kimmel-style interviews and social media to persuade their peers that research is more than lab rats and paperwork.

Technology reveals ancient Egypt’s complex history

An Oriental Institute team uses digital tools to capture nuances and share research.

Declaring marital law


In his Nora and Edward Ryerson Lecture, Law School professor Geoffrey Stone, JD’71, explains why he thinks the Supreme Court will rule in favor of same-sex marriage.