Graduate Alumni

Degrees of honor


The 2015 alumni award recipients have made their marks on the University, their fields, or their causes. The University of Chicago Alumni Association will recognize them at a ceremony in Rockefeller Chapel during Alumni Weekend, June 4–7, 2015.

A matter of identity


WIlliam Bila, IMBA’02, advocates on behalf of Romani people.

Acts of union


Romance novelist Gwyn Cready, AB’83, MBA’86, reveals her inspirations.

Accolades, news, books, and events


Updates from the Division of the Social Sciences.

MAPSS matters


Two alumni remember their time as UChicago master's students. Plus: the formation of the MAPSS Alumni Association.

Delight in discovery


Economic historian Claudia Goldin, AM’69, PhD’72, takes a detective’s joy in gathering clues, analyzing data, and reconstructing the stories behind social issues.

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