Readers celebrate the pleasures of book collecting and getting lost, recall Richard Stern’s criticism and Enrico Fermi’s culinary choices, and more. 


Readers applaud class correspondents, debate health policy, ponder the merits of reflection and regret, and more.


Readers remember Jonathan Z. Smith, Robert Maynard Hutchins, and other campus figures; reflect on growing older; seek ice-skaters; debate a speaking invitation; and more.


Readers react to the Chicago Pile-1 experiment and its far-reaching legacy; debate deterrence and gerrymandering; correct the fossil record; and more.


Readers remember the cultural influence of historian Henry Steele Commager, PhB’23, AM’24, PhD’28; recall a flu-ridden arrival on campus; weigh in on language instruction; and more.


Readers share their experiences with the Small School Talent Search, encourage mountain climbing, debate free expression, and more.


Readers reflect on the impact of James Cronin, SM’53, PhD’55, and Frank Lillie, PhD 1894; debate climate change and free-market capitalism; remember the T-Hut; make observations about observing nature; and more.


Readers debate dean of students in the College John Ellison’s letter to the Class of 2020; discuss voter education and the merits of capitalism; share memories of historian William H. McNeill, LAB’34, AB’38, AM’39, track coach Ted Haydon, LAB’29, PhB’33, AM’54, and the beloved T-Hut; and more.


Readers debate the lessons of the Great Recession; examine the legacies of Barack Obama and Antonin Scalia; share memories of Kartemquin Films and its founders Gordon Quinn, AB’65, and Gerald Temaner, AB’57; tell us what they know (“not much”); and more.


Readers write in to confirm age is just a number; expand on Katherine Dunham’s (PhB’36) Hyde Park history; add thoughts about mortality and the right to aid in dying; diagnose income inequality; redress the Winter issue’s anagram inequality; and more.


Readers consider faculty members’ predictions for 2040, continue a discussion of population control, comment on the Magazine’s new publication schedule, and more. 


Readers discuss the University’s policy on freedom of expression; add personal recollections of chemist Harold Urey; celebrate professor Robert Morrissey, PhD’82, and the University’s Center in Paris; respond to other readers’ letters; and more.