Letter writers address the risks that come with every medication, affirm the ongoing relevance of public trust doctrine, dive into Promontory Point memories, and more.


This issue’s reader dispatches address public spaces College access, South Side music, “Ribs ’n’ Bibs, Ribs ’n’ Bibs,” football traditions, and more.


Readers write in about the school of Doc Films; the alumnus movie star we overlooked; Irish music; Bette Howland and her legacy; Themosticles, Thucydides; and more.


Readers write in about the Oriental Institute; the life of Justice John Paul Stevens, LAB’37, AB’41; Afghanistan's landscape; and more.


Readers weigh in on 100 years of the Oriental Institute, the life of David Bevington, the merits of college athletics, and more.


Readers weigh in on the specialness of Special Collections, medical care models, what ails our democracy, and more.


Readers contemplate Hong Kongʼs future, remember Laura Fermi and Hellmut Fritzsche, take a stand against puns, and more.


Readers appreciate a Study Abroad story, remember a scientific friendship, make the case for weightier coverage in the Magazine, and more.


Readers celebrate the pleasures of book collecting and getting lost, recall Richard Stern’s criticism and Enrico Fermi’s culinary choices, and more. 


Readers applaud class correspondents, debate health policy, ponder the merits of reflection and regret, and more.


Readers remember Jonathan Z. Smith, Robert Maynard Hutchins, and other campus figures; reflect on growing older; seek ice-skaters; debate a speaking invitation; and more.


Readers react to the Chicago Pile-1 experiment and its far-reaching legacy; debate deterrence and gerrymandering; correct the fossil record; and more.