Volume 104, Number 6


Chicken fat

The Comics: Philosophy and Practice conference drew 17 cartoonists and hundreds of observers, in person and online, for three days in May of intense discussion of the field.

Economy of words

Austan Goolsbee has left behind his DC battle armor, but he can still mail in a good barb or two.

Shelf life

As the Seminary Co-op moves from its underground origins into the light of day, the bookstore’s denizens bid the beloved space farewell.

Brain work

Muriel D. Lezak, PhB’47, AM’49, has spent her career trying to help humanize the young field of neuropsychology.

Editor’s Notes

Still the Co-op

The new store might not be as quirky, but it will have better temperature control.


Readers sound off

Alumni and friends write in on modern fairy tales, engineering at UChicago, “the full spectrum of diversity” in the Magazine, and memorable mentors.

On the Agenda

Policy in practice

Harris School of Public Policy Studies dean Colm O’Muircheartaigh discusses recent appointments of high-profile political partisans.

Alumni Essays

A walk in Baicheng

During the Cultural Revolution in China, Jian Ping’s (CER’07, CER’11) father was declared a traitor, and her mother was imprisoned by the Red Guards and repeatedly coerced to divorce him.

Dylan, Bloomfield, and me

Mike Michaels, X’61, explains how he was a fly on the wall in the creation of the greatest song in the history of rock and roll.

UChicago Journal

Dedicated to learning

As Harper Library turns 100, Arley D. Cathey, PhB’50, helps assure the future of the historic space.

Homing in on hope

Japanese cancer-genomics pioneer Yusuke Nakamura targets new therapies.

On the merits

Blaming big government and big business, finance professor Luigi Zingales calls for restoring competition.


An Oriental Institute exhibit shows why images of ancient artifacts aren’t as accurate as we imagine.

The spoils of war

Historian James Sparrow traces the roots of “big government.”

Corner canvas

Artist Jessica Stockholder brightens a Loop intersection for the summer.


Diane Brentari, PhD’90, studies sign language for insights into all language.

Epic venture

“Homer” relfects on five years of Odyssey scholarships.

Interview: Private business

Law professor Lior Strahilevitz examines how access to personal information shapes patterns of discrimination.

William Rainey Harper’s Index: Innovate and invest

Argonne and Fermilab make a big economic and educational impact.

Fig. 1: Song birds

As fans flock to new music, some surprising cities lead the way.

Original Source: Inspiration from the edge

The legacy of UChicago medievalist Michael Camille lives on in his doodles.

For the record: University news

An executive director for the Institute of Politics, an arts incubator in Washington Park, and a definitive history of intellectual property wars.

Citations: Faculty research

UChicago researchers see through the racial veil, find thinking in a foreign language leads to more rational decision making, move toward a universal flu vaccine, and determine that ninth-grade performance affects the graduation rate of nonnative English speakers.

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Lite of the Mind

Our kind of poser

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