Volume 105, Number 6


Selling the friendly skies

American stewardesses and the making of an iconic advertising campaign.

Perennial ties

Scenes from a verdant and varied Alumni Weekend.

Legal precedent

Jewel C. Stradford Lafontant, JD’46, was a lawyer and public servant who broke many barriers.

Free for all

Spring quarter, like any other, offered an encyclopedia of public talks on campus, illuminating topics art historical, zoological, and everything in between. At 11 of these talks, the Magazine staff were there.

Editor’s Notes

Hoard and release

Even for old-school book fetishists, the Magazine’s new app is worth texting home about.


Readers sound off

Alumni and friends weigh in on a story of long-lost love, a reversal of fortune in Russia, the variety of wine sellers’ cellars, the Chicago Theological Seminary’s sacred space, student life once upon a time, Herbert Lamm’s single-minded life of the mind, and more.

On the Agenda

Investing in students

John W. Boyer, AM’69, PhD’75, dean of the College, reflects on the legacies of great professors past, “an inheritance that we must renew for our successors.”

Course Work

Pressing questions

Former US attorney Patrick Fitzgerald guides law students through the thicket of national security law.

Alumni Essay

The princess and the brain

Phoebe Maltz Bovy, AB’05, enters the fray over the princess and the brain—Kate Middleton and Hilary Mantel.

UChicago Journal

Pedestrian crossing

Matt Krause, AB’92, received a warm welcome on his trek across Turkey.

Ahead of his time

Timothy Fuerst’s prescient models help shape monetary policy in the wake of the financial crisis.

A question of ethos

Elie Wiesel searches for a moral dimension in the political process.

Writing style

Online fashion boutique Of a Kind offers a new read on retail.

Secrets and laws

As attorney general after Watergate, UChicago’s Edward Levi worked to restore a nation’s trust.

Vital dissent

Two campus protests prompt an independent investigation and new policy recommendations.

Interview: Growth potential

Astrophysicist Rocky Kolb takes over a Physical Sciences Division built on a strong foundation.

William Rainey Harper’s Index: Class action

Postgraduate plans at the time of graduation, by percentage, of the Class of 2012, the most recent available, according to an Office of Career Advancement survey.

Fig. 1: Wage control

Middle-class positions disappeared during the recession and they’re not coming back even as the economy adds jobs.

Original Source: Cookbook recipe

How La Varenne’s 17th-entury how-tos helped found modern French cuisine.

For the record: University news

Water research and resources, new life for an old magazine, connecting politics and policy, and Fermilab’s new leader.

Citations: Faculty research

Researchers find imperfections in perfect pitch, investigate how prehistoric species emerged out of the tropics, and survey marital satisfaction among those who met online.

Peer review


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Lite of the Mind

Title fight

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