Volume 105, Number 5


All aflutter

Marcus Kronforst finds clues to evolutionary adaptation in butterfly wings.

Crossing the borders of time

Researching her mother’s story of wartime flight and lost love, journalist Leslie Maitland, AB’71, finds the truth richer and stranger than any fiction. Plus: “Internal Investigation.”

In vino veritas

Wine writer and restaurant critic Bill St. John, AM’77, AM’80, PhD’83, talks fear of wine and the scourge of ratings. Plus: “An embarrassment of riches.”

Reversal of fortune

William Browder, AB’85, was once the biggest capitalist in Russia. After his lawyer was tortured and died in jail, he became one of the Kremlin’s fiercest enemies.

Editor’s Notes

Children’s stories

The tales we tell about our parents, and they about us.


Readers sound off

Alumni and friends weigh in on the ethics and technics of astronomical skyscapes, how we die, religion and the law, the history of student life at Ida Noyes, and more.

On the Agenda

Promising prognosis

Kenneth S. Polonsky, executive vice president for medical affairs, defines the pillars that support the mission of the new Center for Care and Discovery.

Marketplace of Ideas

Shakespeare’s laws

A justice, a judge, a philosopher, and an English professor.

Alumni Essays

My scarlet letter

Wayne Scott, AB’86, AM’89, knows from painful experience that an A is not a scarlet letter around here—an F is.

Awakened by a grave robbery

Greg Bellow, AB’66, AM’68, reclaims his acclaimed father, novelist Saul Bellow, X’39, from those who would adopt him as their own.

UChicago Journal

Proving ground

How Hyde Park’s idiosyncrasies enhanced an award-winning play.

Cognitive dissonance

At a conference on concussions, many questions and few answers.

Visionary leadership

Janice Guzon, ’14, will never see perfectly, but she’s focused on helping others.

Academe ease

Three alumni develop an online platform to streamline the path to publication.

Rainbow flags

American Jordan Long, AM’06, joins the European struggle for gay rights.

Sobriety tests

Harriet de Wit studies drug use in humans to better prevent and treat addiction.

Utility research

Emily Oster applies economic principles to all of life’s questions.

Colorful language

Surviving a Hyde Park screening of the Jackie Robinson biopic 42.

Elephant in the room

As the Institute of Politics officially opens, Republican leaders offer diagnoses for a wounded party.

Interview: Informed fearlessness

Architect Ann Beha retains the seminary building’s historic spirit and reshapes it for the future.

William Rainey Harper’s Index: Artistic flourish

The University invests in a new Arts Incubator in Washington Park.

Fig. 1: Stick figures

Chicago Booth statisticians do the math on the NHL’s overpaid or undervalued players.

Next generation: Circular answers

Chicago physicists tie vortexes into knots.

For the record: University news

A new physical sciences dean, reviewing the response to hospital protests, global leadership, and using data to solve social problems.

Citations: Faculty research

Researchers study how the mind multitasks, investigate the interplay between asthma and the common cold, scan the brains of incarcerated psychopaths, and see how sleep helps songbirds learn.

Peer review


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University obituaries

Recent faculty, staff, board, and alumni obituaries.

Lite of the Mind

Game on

Test your knowledge of Scav Hunt—and the UChicago state of mind that defines the items—with our true or farce quiz.