Science & Medicine

University of Chicago News Office, 02.13.2012

Kavli Institute directs national collaboration on deepest questions of dark energy, dark matter, and cosmic inflation.

University of Chicago News Office, 02.06.2012

A new study from UChicago's Center on Aging finds that mortality deceleration in old age is a myth.

Science Life blog, 02.01.2012

Keeping an "active mind" is one way to prevent migraines. Can you deliver the same effects through a nasal spray?

UChicago scientists are looking above and beyond to determine our place in the universe.


Astronomy and Astrophysics finds a home in a trailer park.

Inquiry, Fall–Winter/11

The life’s work of chemistry and astronomy and astrophysics professor emeritus Takeshi Oka.

University of Chicago News Office, 11.03.2011

A pad of fat cells over the abdomen provides nutrients that promote the spread and growth of ovarian cancer, reports a University of Chicagobased research team.

High-energy physics experiments at Fermilab’s groundbreaking Tevatron have run their course.


Psychologist Sian Beilock studies what makes people choke under pressure and offers techniques to prevent those mental meltdowns.


For five decades, Stuart Rice and his doctoral students have had great chemistry.


Geophysicist Raymond Pierrehumbert studies global warming on Earth and the climate physics of distant planets.


A Pritzker School of Medicine course teaches observation skills through the study of art.