(All photography by Laura Demanski, AM’94)

Hyde Park glow

On smartphone photography, and a contest.

Smartphone cameras have spawned many an amateur but enthusiastic photographer.

With 1,002 photos on my phone, even after a few recent purges, I’m guilty. Spring especially makes me a chronic offender, as does living in Hyde Park. Gargoyles and archways, Metra and lake scenes, sprouting-up flowers and sprouting-up buildings, skyline views from Logan Center’s penthouse—for pointing and shooting and posting and sharing, these are a few of my favorite things.

More than any geographic or manmade attraction, though, what coaxes the camera from my pocket most reliably is a particular time of day. When the sun is still up and the streetlights come on, I’m helpless not to snap away. Everyone’s inner Cézanne has his Mont Sainte-Victoire. Mine is those elusive moments before twilight, when campus and Hyde Park doubly glow.

What does the artist in you respond to? This year’s Alumni Weekend features the creative arts—visual, performing, literary, and more. (You may notice a similar thread running through this issue.) In honor of the theme, we invite you to channel your inner Danny Lyon, AB’63, or Justin Kern, AB’04, PhD’10.

When you’re at Alumni Weekend and inspired to capture the glow of nostalgia or rediscovery, post the best of your smartphone photos to Instagram with the hashtag #UChiAW by June 13, being sure to keep a high-resolution version (while you’re at it, follow us @uchicagomag). We’ll publish our favorites in the Summer 2016 issue and send Maroon memorabilia to the photographers. Not registered yet? Visit alumniweekend.uchicago.edu.

We look forward to seeing campus through your eyes.

New voice

In February Susie Allen, AB’09, joined the Magazine as associate editor. Susie is a College alumna who previously worked in the UChicago News Office for more than six years writing about the arts and humanities. Readers may recall her story about actress Anna Chlumsky, AB’02, “Second Act” (May–June/15), and her laugh-out-loud-funny essay about life in the Regenstein, “The Regulars” (Sept–Oct/14).

We couldn’t be more delighted to welcome her, and look forward to treating you to her work on a much more regular basis. In this issue, see “Jail Broken”; “Hard Laughter”; and “The Node Knows.”