Harris Public Policy


For informed decisions on health care policy, Katherine Baicker prescribes hard evidence.


It may seem like these are challenging times for leaders, scholars, and analysts devoted to evidence-based policy, but never has their work been more important.


Members of local, UChicago communities gather for performances and conversation surrounding the Place Lab’s proposed process of ethical redevelopment.

With She Leads Africa, Afua Osei is supporting talented businesswomen in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

Spring/Summer 2016

Political science meets neuroscience to discover the appeal of terrorist recruitment videos.

Data-driven research at the global institute will spur new insights into violent conflict and inform public policy.


Incubated in a Data Science for Social Good Fellowship, the Legislative Influence Detector aims to increase government transparency. 


Landmark donation will create The Pearson Institute for the Study and Resolution of Global Conflicts at Chicago Harris.


The health of the job market is a big factor for college students choosing what to study, a new paper finds.


Professor Robert Rosner lifts the veil on the cost of nuclear energy.


Amassing data on candidates nationwide, a new UChicago start-up helps voters navigate their local ballots.


Chile has one of the lowest female labor-force participation rates in Latin America. So in an effort to bring more mothers into the workforce, a policy was introduced requiring firms to provide childcare. But that's not all it did.