Volume 104, Number 2


Ends and means

Microfinance was supposed to lead the poor out of poverty. Yet after a rash of borrower suicides in one Indian state, experts and governments question the industry’s success.

Life in practice

In his latest book, sociologist Richard Sennett, AB’64, explores the social craft of cooperation.

Years of cheers

For five decades, Stuart Rice and his doctoral students have had great chemistry.

Performance anxiety

Psychologist Sian Beilock studies what makes people choke under pressure and offers techniques to prevent those mental meltdowns.

A Friday night story

In 1980s Baltimore, a family recalls an act of kindness—and finds a way to repay it.

Editor’s Notes

A site for sore eyes

The Magazine’s loud print redesign gave us a good excuse to turn up the volume online.


Readers sound off

Alumni and friends write on UFO scholar, the state of the middle class, the term “UChicago,” and the Magazine’s new look.

On the Agenda

The business of Booth

Business-school dean Sunil Kumar discusses Chicago Booth’s global programs, its new television studio, and its relationship with the rest of the University.

C Vitae

Preserve and protect

Vince Michael, AB’82, AM’82, builds community by saving buildings.

UChicago Journal

No truck with that

A Law School clinic wants to remove the restrictions on Chicago’s mobile chefs.

Accelerator brakes

High-energy physics experiments at Fermilab’s groundbreaking Tevatron have run their course.

Faculty research

Difficulty equals quality, an earthquake creates icebergs, the treatment of Medicare and Medicaid patients, how mothers’ job losses affect children, and penguins’ essential sense of smell.

Trial narrative

Nina Burleigh, AM’87, covered Italy’s Amanda Knox case and the global obsession with the beautiful "female monster."

A historian’s first draft

Clare Gillis, AB’98, spent 44 days in captivity while working as a freelance journalist in Libya.

After the attacks

A new survey examines how American opinions have shifted since 9/11.

University news

Communication and compassion in medicine, extending the law and economics connection, a new shelf life at the Reg, and an Obama adviser leads the University’s civic engagement.

Seminary Co-op at 50

The iconic Hyde Park bookstore reaches a milestone—and prepares for a move.

An artful life

Mandeep Bedi, AB’10, who died trying to help his injured wife, left a colorful legacy.

Reclamation project

Karen Reimer, MFA’98, embroiders ordinary items to add rich new meaning to the familiar.

Wood if they could

For less than the price of a bowl of noodles, Ukiyo-e woodblock prints let tourists experience the joys of Japanese city life.

Freedom writer

A homebody with a hitchhikers’s heart, Bonnie Jo Campbell’s stories cover a lot of ground.

Word play

Bernard Sahlins, AB’43, lets the actors and the poets bring his spare performances to life.

Peer Review


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University obituaries

Recent faculty, staff, and alumni obituaries.

Alumni Essay

Song of myself

For Hassan S. Ali, AB’07, karaoke embodies the personality he discovered in college.

Lite of the Mind


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