Concrete Traffic sculpture

Wolf Vostellʼs Concrete Traffic in its current location on campus. (Photography by Eddie Quinones)

UChicago at your fingertips

Canʼt get to Hyde Park? Weʼll bring Hyde Park to you. 

We know it may be a little while before you can get back to campus. Here are a few ways to experience UChicago from wherever you are.

Connect with nature. Say hello to the ducks via the newly installed Botany Pond livestream. 

Take an online tour of the Oriental Institute. Dig into exhibits on hieroglyphics, Persepolis, and business in the ancient world.

Contemplate big questions at (virtual) Night Owls. Philosophy professor Agnes Callard’s after-dark discussion series is all the rage with College students. Tune in for conversations about why movies matter and whether language is a game, and even a defense of plagiarism.

Explore UChicago’s public art collection. Did you know there’s a 1957 Cadillac encased in concrete parked on campus? Learn where it is, and why German artist Wolf Vostell created it.

Stream Theater and Performance Studies lecturer Seth Bockley’s theatrical adaptation of 2666, a novel by Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño. The story follows a group of academics trying to learn more about a mysterious German writer.

Meditate with UChicago Wellness. Tune in live Mondays from noon to 1 p.m. and Fridays from 3:30 to 4:00 p.m. CST—or catch up later on YouTube or after Spring Quarter is over.

Browse the Seminary Co-op’s front table without leaving home. While you’re there, check out the bookstore’s podcast, Open Stacks, for conversations with writers and scholars from around the world

Listen in as UChicago faculty examine critical topics at a virtual Harper Lecture. Catch up on highlights from the last eight years of the series on YouTube.

Updated 06.01.2020 to update the text to be more timely and the art.