Left: Jolyn Yao, AB’12, (right) and a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign student pose in front of a kinetic Ferris wheel at Google’s New York City office. Yao spent the summer of 2011 working at Google as a Metcalf Intern. (Photo courtesy of Jolyn Yao) Right: Hannah Koch, AB’12, worked at the Field Museum as a Metcalf Intern during the summer of 2011. (Photo courtesy of Hannah Koch)

Summer jobs report

The Metcalf Internship Program reaches a milestone.

Number of College students with paid internships through Career Advancement’s Jeff Metcalf program during the 2013–14 academic year: 1,000

Percentage increase from 2012–13: 17.64

Number of Metcalf Interns in 1997, the program’s inaugural year: 7

Number of employers participating this year: 490

Number of US states, including the District of Columbia, where Metcalf Interns are working this summer: 17

Foreign countries where Metcalf Interns are working this summer: 18


Career Advancement executive director Meredith Daw explains the Metcalf Internship program and how the experience assists students in preparing for the future.