Fourth-year Sarah Nakasone was awarded a Marshall Scholarship to study in the United Kingdom. (Photography by Jean Lachat)

What’s new in the College

In brief: Hong Kong economics, new on-campus housing requirement, and more.

The College will launch a new Hong Kong economics program in winter quarter 2020. Economics, the second College program to be established in Hong Kong after Colonizations, will be taught at the new Hong Kong campus, where the Chicago Booth School of Business runs its executive MBA program. This is the College’s first study abroad offering for economics majors. Previously, students interested in studying economics abroad had to choose direct enrollment programs at foreign universities.

Sarah Nakasone, Class of 2019, has been awarded a Marshall Scholarship to study in the United Kingdom. A global studies major, Nakasone is planning a career in HIV prevention. “I’m curious about how women draw on their social networks to spread sexual health information,” she says, “and how we as researchers and medical providers can assist those networks instead of fearing them.” Nakasone will pursue a master of science in control of infectious disease from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, followed by a PhD in epidemiology and population health from University College London.

The newly expanded College Center for Research and Fellowships, formerly the College Center for Scholarly Advancement, now oversees undergraduate research opportunities as well as nationally competitive fellowships (such as the Marshall) and postgraduate experiences. The intent is to connect undergraduates more easily with research opportunities on campus and beyond.

Last year the College Summer Institute in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences was offered for the first time. This year’s research theme, Thinking Beyond the Human: On Animals, A.I., and Others, will bring faculty from linguistics, philosophy, and English together with 15 selected undergraduate scholars for an intensive summer research experience at the Neubauer Collegium.

Starting next academic year, all incoming College students will be required to live in on-campus housing for two years instead of one year. Woodlawn Residential Commons, a 1,200-bed residence facility that will help house more undergrads, is under construction and will open the following year, 2020–21. The new residence hall is located just north of 61st Street between University and Woodlawn Avenues.