Volume 104, Number 5


Fear of discovery

Law School graduate and administrator James Hormel, JD’58, seemed to have a storybook family and career. His secret life, however, could undo it all. Plus—Public by choice: Hormel on beginning a new life.

From the ground up

With the new Institute for Molecular Engineering, the University fills a historical void and hopes to shape the scientific future.

Table manners

The Smart Museum’s exhibition Feast explores hospitality and welcoming gestures.


Believing that fairy tales have lost their magic, Renaissance scholar Armando Maggi, PhD’95, calls for a new kind of happily ever after. Plus—Told and retold: An interview with writer and tale-teller Robert Coover, AM’65.

Ahead of her time

Jessie Taft, PhB 1905, PhD 1913, was a matriarch of modern social work.

Editor’s Notes

The right fit

A chance to figure out the right school, at any age.


Readers sound off

Alumni and friends write about George Anastaplo’s (AB’48, JD’51, PhD’64) continuing legacy, nepotism in higher education, and the University’s left/right leanings.

On the Agenda

The Pritzker path

As the Pritzker School of Medicine moves into the US News top ten, Dean for Medical Education Holly Humphrey, MD’83, discusses the school’s priorities.

Alumni Essay

Cover to cover

When Sadie Stein, AB’03, finally read the fourth installment in her favorite young-adult series, she was pleasantly surprised.

C Vitae

Book smart

For 50 years Robert Silvers, AB’47, has expertly paired writers and subjects at the New York Review of Books.

Lite of the Mind

What’s in a meme?

UChicago takes on popular online concepts.

UChicago Journal

Her best shot

Taylor Simpson, the Division III women’s basketball player of the year, casts a wide net.

Developing story

A University-subsidized project gives Hyde Park’s Harper Court a new lease on life.

Like father

John Snyder recalls his unusual childhood in the Carolinas.

Intestinal fortitude

Doctors at the University’s Celiac Disease Center raise awareness about a little-known condition.

Where we stand

President Zimmer outlines a University agenda of continuity and change.

Moving pictures

Dance and Soviet film inspired curator-artist Sarah Best’s installation at the Hyde Park Art Center.

Scalia’s an original

The Supreme Court justice returns to the Law School and makes his opinions heard.

Culture of play

Tech writer and law student Julian Dibbell tackles the problem of virtual property.

William Rainey Harper’s Index: A five-year odyssey

The quest continues to reduce the debt burden for College students.

Fig. 1: College prep

The International Baccalaureate program raises high-schoolers’ chances of attending—and finishing—college.

For the record: University news

Boyer’s unprecedented leadership, the status of women on the faculty, and the rising curtain at the Logan Center.

Citations: Faculty research

Chicago researchers use a galactic zoom lens, examine how European Jews resisted genocide, quantify what doctors ask patients about sex, and reconsider the moon's origin.

Peer review


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