“Keep Calm” (Photography by Dan Dry); Ryan Gosling (Photography by Albbie905, CC BY-SA 3.0; copy by Asher Klein, AB’11)
What’s in a meme?
UChicago takes on popular online concepts.
Crowdsourcing and creativity connected on campus during winter midterms when students started a UChicago-themed memes repository on Facebook. If a concept has gone viral, it’s there: Condescending Willy Wonka, Awkward Penguin, Sad Keanu, and more. The reimagined “Hey Girl” featuring Ryan Gosling (right) and 1939 British propaganda poster (above) are two of our favorites. Did we miss a UChicago-meme? Let us know your favorite must-see UChicago-themed online concept in the comments.   Download a wallpaper to show your UChicago pride on your desktop, device, or Facebook timeline. Right-click to save.


UChicago even has a viral cat video, starring Rockefeller Chapel's Modo.