Volume 105, Number 1


Enter Logan

Onward and upward with the arts: a glimpse into the inner workings of the towering new facility south of the Midway.


Presidents since FDR have extended their reach beyond constitutional boundaries, raising fears of a dictatorial executive branch that the Law School’s Eric Posner dismisses as “tyrannophobia.”

Political pioneer

Patsy Mink, JD’51, was a tenacious and determined politician.


Every year malaria infects hundreds of millions around the globe. Geneticist Thomas Wellems, PhD’80, MD’81, tries to stay one step ahead of the parasite. Plus: An interview with malaria-exhibit photographer Adam Nadel, AB’90.

Chief of troops

New Girl Scout chief of staff Nhadine Leung, AB’90, bleeds green.

Editor’s Notes

Summer light

The Magazine’s undergraduate interns have reported on just about everything under the Hyde Park sun—and beyond.


Readers sound off

Readers weigh in on Chicago-school economics, ancient reconstructions, recent campus architecture, sexuality’s discussion worthiness, and the messy business of who’s the youngest Pritzker graduate.

On the Agenda

Value added

As headlines warn of student debt, private institutions, with the help of philanthropy, can make college attainable.

Alumni Essay

Mrs. Gandhi

The pitfalls of writing, from a junior thesis to a Star Trek history.

UChicago Journal

Critical mass

Physicist Joe Incandela shows graphic evidence of the Higgs boson’s existence.

Herd of them?

Six bison calves at Fermilab show that the laws of nature, as well as physics, always apply.

Ultimate sacrifice

A UChicago pediatric surgeon dies as he lived—helping children.

Iliad out loud

How Homer’s ancient epic presaged the poetry slam.

Singular sensation

A sprawling, self-published debut novel has a happy ending for the author and the press.

Brush with greatness

A Smart Museum talk explores the deft precision and symbolic significance of Korean art.

Musical journey

Violinist and teacher Joel Smirnoff searches for culture in music.

Innocence won

A Law School clinic works to free the wrongfully convicted.

Interview: Running mate

Darren Reisberg implements David Axelrod’s vision for the Institute of Politics.

William Rainey Harper’s Index: Class precedents

The Class of 2016 sets several College records.

Fig. 1: Cold case is hot again

Centuries ago, falling temperatures across Europe spelled danger for suspected witches.

Original Source: Poetic appeal

In the summer of 1912 Poetry magazine, then a newborn upstart, asked writers to send their “best verse.”

For the record: University news

A new center where humanities and social sciences intersect, Freakonomics inspires a TV drama, and an acclaimed physicist comes to UChicago.

Citations: Faculty research

UChicago researchers study evolution after mass extinctions, weigh whether taste or calories make food more appealing, make the first planetary discovery attributed to NASA’s Spritzer Space Telescope, solve a problem of the Nth degree, and show that a sports-based program can reduce violent crime.

Marketplace of Ideas

Mission: Intellectual

How does critical thinking play out in the military?

Peer review


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