Agnes Callard, AB’97; Ayelet Fishbach; and David Brooks, AB’83, discuss personal growth.


In 1975 Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, AB’60, PhD’65, came up with the notion of autotelic experience—better known as flow. Forty-five years later, we’re still talking about it.


Denise Shull, AM’95, helps Wall Streeters get in touch with their softer sides.


By studying handedness, psychologist Daniel Casasanto hopes to understand the relationship between body and mind.


Misconduct in the financial advising industry goes unpunished; hit the snooze button on weekends to reduce diabetes risk; a rage disorder has a newly discovered physiological marker; believers in psychic phenomena are happier but less analytical than skeptics.

Spring/Summer 2016

Political science meets neuroscience to discover the appeal of terrorist recruitment videos.

Philosophy professor Candace Vogler is on the case.


Chicago Booth assistant professor Ed O’Brien uses what we find funny to explain our behavior.


Professor Sian Beilock explains how using the body helps students better learn science.


What happens when an armed robber reads Shakespeare?

Spring/Summer 2015

An excerpt from Sian Beilock’s book How the Body Knows Its Mind yields surprising advice on the best way to solve problems.

Spring/Summer 2015

Psychology professor Sian Beilock on her research, her books, and her new role in the Office of the Provost.