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As the Pritzker School of Medicine moves into the US News top ten, Dean for Medical Education Holly Humphrey, MD’83, discusses the school’s priorities.


With the new Institute for Molecular Engineering, the University fills a historical void and hopes to shape the scientific future.


A social-sciences master’s student faces her fears, but a lecture on the history of environmental science shows a different reason to be afraid.


A Chicago astrophysicist calculates the fastest way to get airplane passengers into their seats.


Small modular nuclear reactors could have economic and safety benefits, a Chicago study reports.


Nancy Segal’s experience as a twin inspired her to ask, what makes them alike?


For nearly a century, UChicago scientists have explored the deep universe of sleep.


How monkeys, the Mafia, Italian academia—and, increasingly, American society—illustrate the biological impulse and social peril of nepotism.

University of Chicago News Office, 02.13.2012

Kavli Institute directs national collaboration on deepest questions of dark energy, dark matter, and cosmic inflation.

University of Chicago News Office, 02.06.2012

A new study from UChicago's Center on Aging finds that mortality deceleration in old age is a myth.

Science Life blog, 02.01.2012

Keeping an "active mind" is one way to prevent migraines. Can you deliver the same effects through a nasal spray?


UChicago scientists are looking above and beyond to determine our place in the universe.