Edward M. Cain Jr.

(Photography of technical support consultant Edward M. Cain Jr. by Laura Lorenz)

Square deal

Pixels and planning come together to form the Magazine’s new website—and our office’s new Post-it phoenix mural.

When you’ve been hard at work redesigning the Magazine’s website, everything starts to look like a pixel, even the sticky notes at your desk. So we created this colorful phoenix on our office wall using 900 Post-it notes.

To recreate the phoenix, follow the chart below. You’ll need:

  • Empty wall space, at least 8" x 8"
  • 900 standard Post-it notes (3" x 3") in four colors (Color 1/gray: 526; Color 2/black: 123; Color 3/red: 153; Color 4/orange: 98)
  • A step-ladder
  • Several free hours (Note: it took our team of two about three hours)

What kinds of online extras would you like to see when the new site launches later this year? Send your suggestions to uchicago-magazine@uchicago.edu. Deal? Deal.