Volume 107, Number 3


Into the breach

A law professor offers an inside look at his experience on a presidential panel reviewing how the government protects national security and preserves civil liberties.

Onward and upward

With a string of headline gifts since its public launch, the UChicago Campaign is gathering momentum.

A political education

At the University in the 1960s, Bernie Sanders, AB’64, set out on a path that led to the Senate, and an unlikely place at the center.

Rolling the dice

Chicago Booth clinical professor of entrepreneurship Waverly Deutsch brings theatrical and gaming influences to her teaching.

Heal thyself

The president of the American College of Cardiology advocates a plant-based diet as part of shifting heart disease treatment from “event” to “prevent” focused.

Editor’s Notes

Eyes wide open

Seeing Robie House—and all of campus—anew.


Readers sound off

Readers weigh in on World War I art; a rare honor for Robert Morrissey, PhD’82; the problems that have befallen Gary, Indiana; the effect of immigration enforcement on children arriving from Central America; the benefits of online education; a UChicago championship ski team; and more.

On the Agenda

Data science meets public policy

Chicago Harris dean Daniel Diermeier discusses the emergence of data-driven public policy and the training necessary for the next generation of leaders.

Course work

Of Montaigne

In a European civilization course at the Center in Paris, Philippe Desan deciphers layers of meaning.

Alumni essays

On common ground

Baseball writer Christina Kahrl, AB’90, found acceptance as a trans woman in the sports world.

The 43-year kidney

Dylan Walsh, AB’05, reflects on the full life his uncle lived with a transplanted kidney.

UChicago Journal

Space time

Two decades of planning by the Fermi Institute’s Tom Economou culminate in a comet landing.

Under the influence

Lawrence Lessig inaugurates the Berlin Family Lectures with a study of institutional corruption.

Labor and love

Doulas can make an important difference for young, low-income mothers and their babies.

Hologram reflection

UChicago astrophysicist Craig Hogan tests the digital nature of space.

Sound principles

The harmonic convergence of mathematics and music.

A sense of mortality

Underappreciated—but, it turns out, important—the olfactory system issues an SOS.

William Rainey Harper’s Index: Policy statement

After 25 years, Chicago Harris keeps growing.

Next Generation: Nuclear tide

Scientists have been at sea about how to extract uranium from the oceans, but a PhD student’s method shows promise.

Fig. 1: Bankers’ rules

Reminded of their professional identity, bankers became more dishonest.

Interview: A fresh page

New Seminary Co-op director Jeff Deutsch talks about his life in books and the future of the ­beloved store.

For the record: University news

MBL’s successful Hunt, streamlined cancer research, Comer’s expanding pediatric trauma care, honors for diverse leaders and scholars, Hope for the future, and more.

Citations: Faculty research

Disrupting cancer-cell division, buzz as an economic commodity, surgery that relieves apnea and asthma, and a STING operation to fight disease.

Peer review


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Lite of the Mind

Old friends

An appreciation of Harry, Sally, and all the things they said.