Volume 106, Number 5


On human nurture

Philosopher Jesse Prinz, PhD’97, trains a skeptical eye on biological accounts of our behavior, beliefs, and emotions.

Centered in Delhi

A new home in India deepens the University’s historic academic connections to the country and concentrates its expertise on complex global problems.

Speaking volumes

Retiring University librarian Judith Nadler reflects on her prolific career.

What to make of it

Poet, critic, and scholar Maureen McLane, PhD’97, argues for poetry that synthesizes, “with passion and knowledge,” what it means to be human. Plus—Three poems: An excerpt from This Blue.

Ordered lives

Cloistered nuns tell their stories.

Editor’s Notes

Weekend update

The annual reminder of the UChicago alumni state of mind.


Readers sound off

Readers remember the Small School Talent Search, reflect on the Vietnam War and its aftermath, recall Ann Lander’s influential campus food criticism, reject a defense of presidential power, reach for the heavens, and more.

On the Agenda

Legal leadership

Dean Michael H. Schill outlines the breadth of opportunities incorporated into the Law School’s traditional curriculum to train leaders across fields.

Course Work

Original thinking

Law students bear down on constitutional interpretation.

Marketplace of Ideas


Communicating our nation’s deepest secrets.

Alumni Essays

I sailed the ocean blue

Benjamin Recchie, AB’03, is the very model of a modern Gilbert and Sullivan Savoyaire.

Welcomed home

Kenneth Burns, AB’93, AM’03, finds the South welcoming to him and his partner.

UChicago Journal

Bang zoom

Scientists find signs of gravity waves that sparked the newborn universe’s growth spurt.

Not in evidence

A Gleacher Center conference argues for better use of data in public policy.

Protein enriched

UChicago neuroscientists study how “little bubbles” produced by the body’s cells could treat MS.


In mathematics and running, fourth-year Sarah Peluse puts up impressive numbers.

Fringe elements

In Missouri and southern Italy, Jason Pine, AB’90, delves into lives on the margin of criminality.

A life in focus

Legendary photo editor John G. Morris, U-High’33, AB’37, reflects on his career in pictures.

Vehicle for change

Two UChicagoans bring diversity to science and engineering, with the help of a bright green truck.

Interview: Mind reading

A psychologist explores humans’ remarkable ability—and frequent failure—to understand each other.

William Rainey Harper’s Index: Hospital room

The Center for Care and Discovery and its state-of-the-art stats.

Fig. 1: Reading into reviews

Why does winning awards make books less popular?

Next Generation: About-face

Turned back toward Earth, a new telescope in space will search for the origin of high-energy cosmic rays.

For the record: University news

New direction for Argonne, Chicago Booth economist wins Clark Medal, Law School dean reappointed, Marine Biological Lab announces inaugural Lillie research awards, UChicago Local gives business a boost, online course offerings expand, and more.

Citations: Faculty research

Autism shows a correlation to environmental toxins, the adipose fin may not be so vestigial after all, economists revisit the effects of an early-childhood program 49 years later, and an ancient weather report gets a new translation.

Peer review


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University obituaries

Recent faculty, staff, and alumni obituaries.

Lite of the Mind

Technicolor campus

An interactive online feature invites you to create your own palette and paint a fanciful scene that’s all Maroon.