Volume 105, Number 2


Back to the future

With a historian’s attention to the founding ideals of the College, Dean John W. Boyer, AM’69, PhD’75, implements an ambitious vision for the decades to come.

Moving pictures

Peter Selz, AM’49, PhD’54, looks back on a life in modern art through the works that most inspired him.

Women’s work

A corporate career led Beverly Ryder, MBA’74, to the board of the National Women’s Hall of Fame and back to the public schools in her hometown of Los Angeles.

Bird by bird

An Oriental Institute Museum exhibit traces the ubiquity of birds in ancient Egyptian culture to geographical accident, avian behavior, and human fascination.

Editor’s Notes

A new nest

Hyde Park’s greenest denizens and the Magazine’s greenest editors.


Readers sound off

Readers weigh in on presidential power, intellectual influences, the moral dimension of free-market capitalism, Patsy Mink’s legacy, and more.

On the Agenda

Marty, media, and religion

Divinity School dean Margaret M. Mitchell, AM’82, PhD’89, looks ahead to an enhanced Martin Marty Center, needed now more than ever.

Alumni Essay

Mental mettle

Drawing on tenets of Nichiren Buddhism and medical expertise, physician Alex Lickerman, AB’88, MD’92, offers paths to developing “personality hardiness.”

UChicago Journal

Artistic freedom

As émigré artist Danh Vo sends Liberty around the globe, Chicago embraces its share.

Creative energy

A composer and an astrophysicist embrace feeling lost in space.

Emotional release

Chicago empathy researchers test how far rats will go to rescue a cagemate in distress.

Following Levi’s lead

A look back at the University’s first provost and a look ahead to his successors’ challenges.

Faith healer

Philosopher Martha Nussbaum advocates a return to America’s founding religious tolerance.

Interview: Journey to the East

Businessman John Kuhns turned his winding career path into a novel.

William Rainey Harper’s Index: Food for thought

UChicago Dining dishes out improved locations and options for students.

Fig. 1: Building success

Sorting success from failure in the recent cultural-project building boom.

Original Source: Storybook

A centuries-old text on military science tells stories beyond tactics and strategy.

For the record: University news

A Chicago Booth professor guides India’s economy, community service expands during O-Week and beyond, and a street sign of respect for Rudy and Joyce Nimocks.

Citations: Faculty research

Researchers examine welfare reform's effect on the very poor, calculate the effects of math anxiety, algorithmically predict faculty tenure decisions, and discover one of the smallest dinosaurs that ever lived.

C Vitae

The art of discovery

Physicist Joe Incandela, AB’81, SM’85, PhD’86, masters the art of discovery.

Course Work

Students into teachers

A two-day workshop helps grad students shift to the other side of the desk.

Peer review


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Cookies Rockefeller?

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