An excerpt from How to Think Like an Anthropologist by Matthew Engelke, AB’94.


Horror filmmaker Matilda “Mattie” Szydagis, AB’95, reminisces about the Shoreland, Svengoolie, and Halloween on Chicago’s South Side.


From his first trip north as the youngest hand on a two-masted schooner, anthropologist Ernest “Tiger” Burch Jr., AM’63, PhD’66, was driven to learn about the Arctic and its peoples.


Katherine Dunham, PhB’36, forged a unique career as a dancer and anthropologist.

Fall 2014/Winter 2015

UChicago honors its Latin American research roots.

Spring/Summer 2011

Chelsey Kivland explores how Haitian performance troupes affect their country’s social and political life.
Spring/Summer 2012

Social science scholars explore issues surrounding the descendants of America’s first inhabitants.

Spring/Summer 2012

Allison DiBianca Fasoli combines anthropology and psychology to study how children develop a moral vision.

Fall 2013/Winter 2014

Anthropologist Gabriella Coleman conducts research among a strange, sometimes hostile tribe: computer hackers.


Live simply and wear a Rolex, and other advice for moving from academia to the consulting world.

Canadian anthropologist Grant McCracken, AM’76, PhD’81, has built an unconventional career as an observer of American culture.


In Missouri and southern Italy, Jason Pine, AB’90, delves into lives on the margin of criminality.