Photography by Kayleigh Pryzgoda; template artwork and instructions created by Anne Gifford, ’16; Walker King, ’16; Frank Porcaro; and Dan Goebel.

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Recreate some of UChicago’s most iconic buildings in miniature using templates from the College admissions office.

Even if you can’t make it back to Hyde Park for Alumni Weekend, you can bring a little Hyde Park into your home by getting crafty and constructing paper copies of some of UChicago’s most iconic buildings. All you need are scissors, glue or tape, and the Office of College Admissions’ downloadable PDF templates to build tiny 3-D replicas of Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, Logan Center, Cobb Gate, Harper Memorial Library, and Mansueto Library.

Get the patterns at and see examples on Instagram and Twitter by following the hashtag #uchicagoadmissions.