The Ghost World author and Hyde Park native opens up about his creative process.

Fall 2015/Winter 2016

The Division of the Social Sciences helps graduate students find their place—inside and outside of academia.

Alisa Miller, MPP’99, MBA’99, thinks public media can change Americans’ worldviews.


It’s hard to say which was more liberating for Anna Chlumsky, AB’02: the moment she left acting, or the moment she came back.

Fall 2014/Winter 2015

The lowly rat got a much-needed reputation boost when a team of UChicago researchers discovered the rodents demonstrate empathy and helping behavior.


Novelist Matthew Thomas, AB’97, talks about learning to hear the story that wants to be told.


Court Theatre, now in its 60th season, went from “a new type of summer theatre” to a Chicago institution.


Susie Allen, AB’09, recalls the human drama and sitcom qualities of the Reg’s One True Floor.


UChicago alumni recount the transformative events of 1964.


Associate professor Hillary Chute talks about the her new book, scholarly work on on contemporary comics, and going all “fangirl” over Daniel Clowes, LAB’79.


A literary mystery hidden inside a 150-year-old copy of Homer’s Odyssey finds an answer.

University of Chicago News Office, 03.26.2012

'Preview period' for landmark arts center starts this week, with more than 40 events in coming months.