Alumni Essay


What's in a keyword? Mark Athitakis, AB’95, turns a critical eye on how the Library of Congress and the New Yorker classify fiction.


Alex Lickerman, AB’88, MD’92, explains how to construct an indestructible self.


The pitfalls of writing, from a junior thesis to a Star Trek history.


During the Cultural Revolution in China, my father was declared a traitor, and my mother was imprisoned by the Red Guards and repeatedly coerced to divorce him.


Mike Michaels, X’61, explains how he was a fly on the wall in the creation of the greatest song in the history of rock and roll.


When Sadie Stein, AB’03, finally read the fourth installment in her favorite young-adult series, she was pleasantly surprised.


Harriet Heyman, AM'72, finds herself in acrobatics.


For a once-shy guy, singing karaoke reflects a social transformation toward a new bold attitude.

From our print archive: In an essay from 1950, Ed Diamond, AB’47, AM’49, explains how nature and its whims—including a pair of frozen glasses and the birth of a baby—almost “de-iced” the UChicago hockey team.