Winter 2018

Charter schools, small payments, molecular chains, and fracking dangers.


Super-small semiconductors; secrets of the job hunt; reducing youth violence with summer jobs; a gene therapy breakthrough. 


The secrets of cephalopods; a celiac breakthrough; a double standard for female financial advisers; change your password.


Using teenage defiance to encourage healthy eating; loneliness is heritable; the mystery of the missing crust; preventing kidney stones.


The Amish lifestyle protects kids against asthma; how airlines can promote fuel efficiency and lower carbon dioxide emissions; predicting divorce; obesity increases the risk of organ transplant rejection.


Misconduct in the financial advising industry goes unpunished; hit the snooze button on weekends to reduce diabetes risk; a rage disorder has a newly discovered physiological marker; believers in psychic phenomena are happier but less analytical than skeptics.


A selection of recent faculty research news. 


A selection of recent faculty research news.


A selection of recent faculty research news.


Grapevines’ “microbial signature” may influence a wine’s taste and more, a blood pressure drug may help with multiple sclerosis, a UChicago bioethicist calls for more research into Muslims’ health behaviors, and a compound found in magnolia tree bark may prevent heart disease.


“Genomic parasites” jumpstart the evolution of pregnancy, a UChicago economist recommends paying NCAA college athletes, some regulations make power plants less efficient, and neural responses predict generosity in three- to five-year-olds.