Volume 115, Number 2

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Complicating the narrative

In her histories of globalism, migration, families, and children, Tara Zahra reveals the fine cracks in foundational stories.

The collector

David Fulton, SB’64, has owned some of history’s most treasured violins, violas, and cellos. Now he’s telling their stories—and his own.

Setting the scene

Rich Murray, AB’94, finds the stuff of life for beloved TV characters.

It was written in the stars

Astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (1910–95) illuminated stellar evolution.

Editor’s notes

Everything but the statuette

These award recipients bleed maroon.


Readers sound off

Readers sound off on forensic science, laboratory tales, and more.

UChicago Journal

A cut above

Douglas W. Diamond’s banking research gave UChicago its 97th Nobel.

Critical consumers

Illinois has a new media literacy law—by a high schooler, for high schoolers.

Humanities Day, recapped

Did you miss this year’s Humanities Day? We’ve got you covered.

A cup of ambition

Before the movie and the song, Ellen Cassedy’s (EX’72) organization 9to5 revolutionized the working lives of American women.


The past, present, and future of UChicago discoveries.

Making a splash

UChicago men's soccer celebrates a landmark season.

Interview: Moving memories

Strollers carry children, Goldfish crackers, and multiple meanings.

Quick Study: UChicago research roundup

Plague genes, biased crime reporting, privacy hacks, and conductive Play-Doh.

W. R. Harper’s Index: Doc at 90

The nation's oldest student film society, by the numbers.

For the Record: UChicago news highlights

A selection of the latest headlines from across campus.

Peer review

UChicago Alumni Awards

The Magazine is delighted to present the 2023 Alumni Award recipients. A celebration of their achievements is planned for Alumni Weekend, May 18–21, 2023.


A selection of UChicago alumni whose names are in the news.


A selection of books, films, and recordings by UChicago alumni.


Photos from the archives and readers like you.

Alumni Essay

Called to the game

Lessons from a life of bridge.


University of Chicago obituaries

Recent faculty, staff, and alumni obituaries.

The UChicagoan

Sara Toussaint, AB’00

Questions for the sports marketer, co-owner of a National Women’s Soccer League team, and new Alumni Board president.



Dean Boyer: A history

A lighthearted look at the College’s longest-serving dean

Once upon a time at Doc

Doc Films turns 90. An alum hits middle age (and then some). The shared memories are timeless.

Making an example

A new public art project, Exemplary, asks who we honor at UChicago and why.


Light reading

Is there a book inside that concrete block—or a half-century-old joke?

The rite stuff

Hard work plus talent plus … elaborate handshakes?


A former Maroon assistant wins a title her first year in charge.

The fast and the studious

A quick lap with race car driver Andre Castro, AB’22.

What are we supposed to be doing?

An excerpt from the 2022 Aims of Education address.

The last days of the Silver Spray

A century-old shipwreck just north of Promontory Point has Paleozoic origins.


Top 10 majors and minors

As of Autumn Quarter 2022, these are the most popular College majors and minors. Students can declare more than one of each.

What’s new in the College

A roundup of College news.

Summer jobs with Nixon and Fermi

In the Q&A section of the College Review, the Core’s email newsletter, we asked alumni to tell us about a memorable summer job.


Recipe: Looks tasty!!

A debut cookbook by pastry chef Hadley Sui, AB’15, was inspired by anime.

The T. rex of its time

An ancient Iowan superpredator grew up fast.

Ode to love

From Sophocles’s Antigone, translated by Gabriela Garcia, Class of 2023.