Special Collections Research Center


Revisiting days gone by in the pages of the Magazine.

Pritzker professor Mindy Schwartz hopes that examining artifacts like a 19th-century surgical kit will help her students feel connected to medicine’s rich past. 

A century-old J. M. Barrie play gets a Chicago revival.

Spring/Summer 2015

How the Chicago school of sociology changed the field.

A UChicago Library restoration project rescues a 500-year-old manuscript.

Fall 2014/Winter 2015

UChicago honors its Latin American research roots.

French illustrators of World War I depicted the arena, the enemy, and the home front with bravura.


Sung from street corners a century ago, Mexican folk ballads offered “a valuable index to popular thought,” wrote UChicago anthropologist Robert Redfield, whose work is part of a Special Collections exhibit on Mexico.


A literary mystery hidden inside a 150-year-old copy of Homer’s Odyssey finds an answer.