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With a string of headline gifts since its public launch, the UChicago Campaign is gathering momentum.


New Seminary Co-op director Jeff Deutsch talks about his life in books and the future of the ­beloved store.


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Fall 2009/Winter 2010

South Side bike tour puts faculty at the head of the pack.

Spring/Summer 2010

Committee on Education gets a boost from Lewis and Sebring’s $5 million gift.

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Scenes from a big week at the Center in Beijing.

Fall 2012/Winter 2013

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Colleagues, friends, and family celebrate the economist’s work and life.


Getting lost in the Magazine’s archives offers a glimpse into the University’s history and inspires a commitment to ensuring its future.


French illustrators of World War I depicted the arena, the enemy, and the home front with bravura.


Official or unofficial, solemn or frivolous, shared experiences bind us to the University.