Volume 113, Number 1


All together now

A historic campaign brought thousands together to invest in UChicago values.

Love thy neighbor

David Nirenberg studies the intertwined—and sometimes violent—histories of faith communities.

Soul primer

An Arts Incubator exhibition uses the Black ABCs to chronicle the lives of South Siders.

Legacy: Singing for the pine trees are stormy winds

Meteorologist Tetsuya Theodore Fujita (1920–1998) led a tempestuous career.

Pilot program

The Chicago school of meteorology found and made waves. Plus: A Change of Climate.”

Editor’s notes

Forward and pause

On closing the distances imposed by COVID-19.


Readers sound off

Letter writers address the risks that come with every medication, affirm the ongoing relevance of public trust doctrine, dive into Promontory Point memories, and more.

On the agenda

Reflections from the campaign’s cochairs

How did the University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact meet its ambitious goals? It took a community.

UChicago Journal

Transition at the top

President Robert J. Zimmer will take a new leadership role after this academic year.

UChicago architecture and virtual projections come together in a new project by Jenny Holzer, EX’74

YOU BE MY ALLY features 29 excerpts from Core curriculum readings.

Pandemic athletics

How UChicago’s student-athletes are keeping their spirits and heart rates elevated amid COVID-19.

Heart and Seoul

Theodore Jun Yoo’s (AM’97, PhD’02) new history of the Koreas unites academic and personal interests.

Connected by curiosity

A new Alumni & Friends website launched this fall. Designed for alumni, parents, and friends, it’s distinctively UChicago.

Home sweet home

UChicago’s Class of 2024 settles in for an O-Week like no other.

Interview: We cannot talk about Emma Boettcher enough

And other reflections from the author of a new book on Jeopardy!

Quick Study: UChicago research roundup

New findings on medical side effects, the economic impact of stay-at-home orders, and facial recognition technology.

W. R. Harper’s Index: The Reg at 50

UChicago’s beloved library, by the numbers.

For the Record: UChicago news highlights

A selection of the latest headlines from across campus.

Peer review


A selection of UChicago alumni whose names are in the news.


A selection of books, films, and recordings by UChicago alumni.


University of Chicago obituaries

Recent faculty, staff, and alumni obituaries.

The UChicagoan

David Axelrod, AB’76

Questions for the political strategist, College alumnus, and Institute of Politics director.