Volume 112, Number 1


Market values

In the age of technology giants, does capitalism need protection from big business? Luigi Zingales thinks so.

Rediscovering Bette Howland

A chance encounter in a bookstore brought a Chicago writer back into the spotlight. Plus: “Power Failure,” a short story by Bette Howland.

A soldier’s final mission

The heroism of World War I pilot Harold Goettler, AS 1914, SB 1914.

Remembering Justice John Paul Stevens

Fellow justices, former clerks, journalists, and court watchers reflect on a singular Supreme Court career.

Glimpses: Parks and restoration

How a lawyer-turned-scientist-turned-entrepreneur helped establish Afghanistan’s first national park.

Legacy: The man who developed 40 vaccines

Microbiologist Maurice Hilleman, PhD’44, and his feathered friends.

Editor’s notes

Chasing ghosts

Remembering extraordinary UChicagoans.


Readers sound off

Readers weigh in on 100 years of the Oriental Institute, the life of David Bevington, the merits of college athletics, and more.

UChicago Journal

To Russia, with love

How Soviet citizens made Western culture their own.

At Tree House Humane Society, Raissa Allaire is top cat

Connecting human and feline communities in Chicago. Plus: “Make a Date for Coffee … with a Cat.”

Social work meets social media

How Desmond Patton, PhD’12, is harnessing technology to help young people.

A little latitude

Why does biodiversity wax near the equator and wane approaching Earth’s poles?

Survey says

What the General Social Survey tell us about America.

Where in the world is Phil the Phoenix?

On the road with College Admissions and UChicago’s mascot.

Interview: Are sports an American religion?

Divinity School Alumnus of the Year Joseph Price, AM’79, PhD’82, turns an academic double play.

Quick Study: UChicago research roundup

New findings on pollution's dangers, internet speeds, the power of light, and the great outdoors.

W. R. Harper’s Index: Stockholm stats

UChicago՚s Nobels and Nobelists, by the numbers.

For the Record: UChicago news highlights

A selection of the latest headlines from across campus.

Peer review


A selection of UChicago alumni whose names are in the news.


The Magazine lists a selection of general interest books, films, and albums by alumni. For additional alumni releases, browse the Magazine’s Goodreads bookshelf.


University of Chicago obituaries

Recent faculty, staff, and alumni obituaries.

The UChicagoan

Ana Marie Cox, AB’94

Questions for the political commentator, podcaster, and 2014 Institute of Politics fellow.

Plus, in Inquiry …

Organic growth

A note from the dean of the Physical Sciences Division.

Small bugs in large ponds

Maureen Coleman’s lab samples the teeming microbiome of the Great Lakes.

Living matter

How Margaret Gardel accidentally became a biophysicist.

Light hearted

Bozhi Tian illuminates pacemaker technology.


Computer scientist Pedro Lopes integrates technology with anatomy to reimagine the role of “human” in human-computer interaction.