Volume 113, Number 4

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A measure of pleasure

For nearly two decades psychologist Andrea King has followed a group of social drinkers to find out why only some develop alcohol use disorder.

Abiding convictions

Punishment doesn’t end after incarceration, writes Crown Family School associate professor Reuben Jonathan Miller, AM’07. Plus: An excerpt from Halfway Home: Race, Punishment, and the Afterlife of Mass Incarceration.

Executive dreaming

In Sleeping Presidents, artist and writer John Ransom Phillips, ABʼ60, PhDʼ66, takes viewers inside the minds of (almost) every one from George Washington to Joe Biden.

Glimpses: A questioning mind

Leon Kass, LAB’54, SB’58, MD’62, continues the conversation.

Editor’s notes

Eat, memory

When readers get Proustian, we’re right there with them.


Readers sound off

Alumni write with memories of the Chicago Journal, Morry's Deli, Salonica, and more.

On the agenda

Meeting the moment

In a society redrawn by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Law School’s intellectual leadership is needed more than ever.

UChicago Journal

A JPEG’s worth a thousand Ether

Understanding the cryptoart phenomenon.

Loyalty test

Still speaking out against “the big lie,” Liz Cheney, JD’96, makes an Alumni Weekend appearance.

Out Loud

A Chicago Maroon veteran finds her voice.

Lawyer jokes

Attorney turned comedian Liz Glazer, JD’04, finds laughter in life’s highs and lows.

Interview: Talking shop with Bob Mariano, MBA’87

Insights from a grocery industry veteran.

Four things you didn’t know about Chicago history

An unexpected basketball pioneer, a history-making race, and other surprises from Unknown Chicago Tales.

Seen and herd

Bison bundles of joy.

Quick Study: UChicago research roundup

Crustacean gratification, an anosmia breakthrough, and more.

W. R. Harper’s Index: Where the buffalo roam

Fermilab’s bison, by the numbers.

For the Record: UChicago news highlights

A selection of the latest headlines from across campus.

Alumni essay

Go figure

Finding a new passion at age 59, or my journey to become a competitive adult figure skater.

Peer review


A selection of UChicago alumni whose names are in the news.


A selection of books, films, and recordings by UChicago alumni.


Photos from the archives and readers like you.


University of Chicago obituaries

Recent faculty, staff, and alumni obituaries.

The UChicagoan

Christina Kahrl, AB’90

Questions for the San Francisco Chronicle sports editor, Baseball Hall of Fame voter, and transgender activist.



The value of the individual

An interview with Class Day speaker and US Rep. Andy Kim, AB’04.

Roy Mackal’s wild speculation

How a UChicago biochemist gained fame—and lost credibility—when he developed a midlife obsession with legendary creatures.


Marshall Sahlins taught me how to think

An excerpt from How to Think Like an Anthropologist Matthew Engelke, AB’94.

There and back again

Josh Tyra, AB’01—a language nerd in the mold of J. R. R. Tolkien—helped create a new Breton translation of The Hobbit.

Baby, one more time

A “lost” documentary on Britney Spears, made by faculty member Judy Hoffman two decades ago, resurfaces.

Figure of speech

Questions for Leila Brammer, inaugural director of the College’s Parrhesia Program for Public Discourse.

Abstract thought

At the Undergraduate Research Symposium, students presented work on smallpox inoculation, social and emotional learning, and more.


Top 11: Most popular intramural e-sports

During the COVID-19 pandemic, intramural sports—like everything else—went online.

What’s new in the College

Online recruiting, quantum engineering, a campus philanthropy tour led by Dean Boyer, and more.

Meet Nestor the Midway cat

How a free-roaming cat became Instagram famous.


Meal planning for victory

During World War II, cookbooks by Meta Given, PhB 1924, EXʼ27, helped guide a malnourished nation.

“It’s-a go time!”

The Gather Town version of UChicago re-creates campus in 2D, 8-bit glory.

The Mother Behaves Like a Young Woman with a Lover When Nat King Cole Comes on the Box

”His song ends on the edges of her / Mona Lisa smile.”