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The making and remaking of Once Upon a River

Haroula Rose, AB’02, MAT’02, put the work of Bonnie Jo Campbell, AB’84, on the big screen. Last fall the two brought the film to Chicago. Plus: “What Does Bonnie Jo Campbell Think of Her Reviews?

Poster perfect

Dwight M. Cleveland, MBA’87, collects film posters with an eye for high art.

The controversial 1959 film that could only have been made in Hyde Park

The Cry of Jazz started a conversation about race and music that continues today.

Strawberry yields

The fruitful career of Herbert Baum, AM’51, PhD’06.

Glimpses: Energy star

As the leader of UChicago’s energy policy and economic research institutes, Michael Greenstone, LAB’87, works to help the world confront the global energy challenge.

Original Source: What do a country’s stamps tell us about it?

Postage stamps from North Korea afford a rare glimpse into a reclusive country.

Editor’s notes

For your consideration

A miscellany of movie recommendations from the Magazineʼs editors.


Readers sound off

Readers write in about the Oriental Institute; the life of Justice John Paul Stevens, LAB’37, AB’41; Afghanistan's landscape; and more.

On the agenda

Investing in Inquiry and Impact

The most ambitious and comprehensive campaign in the University’s history exceeded its goals and laid a strong foundation for the future.

UChicago Journal

The lives and legacies of Best Actress Oscar winners

A new book celebrates the leading ladies who reshaped Hollywood.

The multiple meanings of “trad music”

Ethnomusicologist Aileen Dillane, PhD’09, says traditional music remains a cornerstone of Irish identity, even as the definition of Irishness has shifted.

How computer models can predict the behavior of molecules and materials

Giulia Galli’s research answers big questions at a tiny scale.

Four UChicago scholars share their all-time favorite movies

Here’s what we’re adding to our watch lists.

An exhibition upends traditional representations of Native American cultures

Apsáalooke Women and Warriors goes beyond natural history.

Interview: The Apollo program history you dont know

In the podcast Moonrise, Lillian Cunningham, ABʼ06, explores the surprising origins of the space race.

Folk history

When the Staple Singers rocked Mandel Hall.

Quick Study: UChicago research roundup

New findings on algorithmic bias, ultrathin films, the lingering damage of hurricanes, and what we donʼt learn from failure.

W. R. Harper’s Index: Building knowledge

UChicagoʼs buildings, by the numbers.

For the Record: UChicago news highlights

A selection of the latest headlines from across campus.

Peer review


A selection of UChicago alumni whose names are in the news.


The Magazine lists a selection of general interest books, films, and albums by alumni. For additional alumni releases, browse the Magazine’s Goodreads bookshelf.


University of Chicago obituaries

Recent faculty, staff, and alumni obituaries.

The UChicagoan

Matilda Szydagis, AB’95

Questions for the writer, director, and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel actress.



Six score of UChicago football

From Big Ten champions (1899) to nothing (1939) to Midwest Conference scholar-athletes (2019).

Ordinary poetry

Lauren Berlant on the collaborative project The Hundreds. Plus: An excerpt from Berlant’s book The Hundreds.

The game changers

Are video games the major cultural industry of our time?


Eli Winter has no words

The guitarist and creative writing major lets his music speak for itself.

“A kitchen wench is a kitchen wench forever!”

Liva Pierce, Class of 2022, goes viral with her Twitter spoof of Broadway musicals.

The known city

Whet Moser, AB’04, adds a new volume to the library of books on Chicago. Plus: An excerpt from Moser’s book Chicago: From Vision to Metropolis


Tales of good cheer

College alumni share their memories of cheers, giant kazoos, Model UN, and more. 

New ventures, new ways of thinking

What’s new in the College

Very hungry squirrels

What do campus squirrels like to snack on?


Throw one on

The colorful textiles of designer Liam Lee, AB’15.

What pairs well with winter and difficult conversations?

A warm bowl of soup.

Class clown

Isak Moon, Class of 2023, talks (unlike his character) about his 15-year career in vaudeville.