Volume 109, Number 4



The University’s botanic garden celebrates its 20th anniversary.


(Noun, an author or editor of a dictionary)

Hot pursuit

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe gets ready to meet a star.

Book smart

Jeff Deutsch has a plan to save the Seminary Co-op.

Northern light

From his first trip north as the youngest hand on a two-masted schooner, anthropologist Ernest “Tiger” Burch Jr., AM’63, PhD’66, was driven to learn about the Arctic and its peoples.

Editor’s Notes

Radio days

Reviving the spirit of the University of Chicago Round Table of the Air.


Readers sound off

Readers remember the cultural influence of historian Henry Steele Commager, PhB’23, AM’24, PhD’28; recall a flu-ridden arrival on campus; weigh in on language instruction; and more.

On the Agenda

The Office of the Provost at UChicago

Daniel Deirmeier offers an inside look at the activities and responsibilities of the Office of the Provost.

Marketplace of Ideas

Heritage in peril

Five scholars discuss how the looting of antiquities puts our cultural heritage in peril, and what to do about it.

UChicago Journal

Best of health

With the support of a $100 million gift, UChicago Medicine is pioneering a new science of wellness.

On a mission

Susan Snow, AB’84, worked to gain World Heritage designation for five Texas landmarks.

Proof of concept

Three mathematicians team up to advance Zimmer’s conjecture. Yes, that Zimmer.

White noise

What listening to icebergs tells us about the future of the Antarctic.

Busting barriers

Students work to honor monumental women on campus.

Emotional dividends

Denise Shull, AM’95, helps Wall Streeters get in touch with their softer sides.

Sharp observers

The writers and artists in Deborah Nelson’s new book believe a world of suffering calls for a dispassionate eye.

Fig. 1: Tax and spend economics

A surprising way to jump-start a sluggish economy.

Next Generation: Super soaker

A new material developed by Argonne scientists could revolutionize oil spill cleanup.

Citations: Faculty research

A celiac breakthrough; the secrets of cephalopods; a double standard for female financial advisers; change your password.

For the Record: University news

A selection of the latest headlines from UChicago.

William Rainey Harper’s Index: Rockefeller vows

Tying the knot at UChicago, by the numbers.

Peer review


The Magazine lists a selection of general interest books, films, and albums by alumni. For additional alumni releases, browse the Magazine’s Goodreads bookshelf.


Highlights from the latest alumni news columns.

Alumni essay

First taste of Chicago

Max Grinnell, AB’98, AM’02, learns the mysterious ways of the “L.”


University obituaries

Recent faculty, staff, and alumni obituaries.

Lite of the Mind

iLove UChicago

Add a little life of the mind to your iMessage conversations.

Plus, in the Core ...


The great Aronsons

Simon and Virginia Aronson have been reading minds as a team for 40 years.

The other one

Twins Laurie and Lynne Butler—one a UChicago chemistry professor, the other a double alumna—discuss math, horses, and a college boyfriend who never got them confused.


Recommended reading

For your summer reading list, professors share the books that influenced them the most.

Hanna Holborn Gray: Self-portrait

Thoughts on academia, football, and that painting.

How to run for office

Feeling inspired to try to change the world? Illinois state representative Christian Mitchell, AB’08, has some advice.

Questions for the Muslim Students Association

On praying in the stacks, when Ramadan and finals week coincide, and Muslim fashion.


Scav Hunt items worth the most points in 2017

Undersea photography, carousels, snow globes, pinball.

What’s new and haiku: College announcements

Cool new developments for College students and grads.

NSP at 40: Please show your work

The Neighborhood Schools Program, founded in 1976–77, just celebrated its 40th anniversary.

How to get your $$$ in order before you turn 30

Harold Pollock’s new index card is for young adults.

Clichés I have known and loved

A lexicographer’s favorite clichés (before he grew to hate them).

Generation ex

Eric Riggers goes from EX’99 to AB’17.

Birds and prey

Chicken hawks on the quad.

Et cetera

Quad club caprese salad

Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil — and homegrown peaches. Bliss.

Minority leader

Matthew Foldi, Class of 2018 (political science), describes himself in his Twitter bio as “everyone’s favorite Republican committeeman.”


Poetry by Rosanna Warren.