Volume 110, Number 3


Ground truth

Chris Begley, AM’92, PhD’99, is an archaeologist with a taste for adventure. Just don’t call him Indiana Jones.

Letʼs get lost

Finding our way in the age of GPS doesn’t have to mean sacrificing serendipity.

Shades of meaning

Twenty-nine years after his death, the work of Faber Birren, EX’23, still colors the world around us.


Since 1928, families have documented childhood landmarks in a book rich with history.

Past and present

Questions for geologist Susan Kidwell on her work in the emerging discipline of conservation paleobiology, teaching students out in the field, and what artists and scientists share.

Editor’s notes

The air we breathe

Handing down stories.


Readers sound off

Readers remember Jonathan Z. Smith, Robert Maynard Hutchins, and other campus figures; reflect on growing older; seek ice-skaters; debate a speaking invitation; and more.

On the agenda

Deepening ties

Madhav Rajan, dean and George Pratt Shultz Professor of Accounting at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, reflects on deepening Booth’s connections to the wider University.

UChicago Journal

Water world

A study of lunar rocks sheds new light on the origins of the Earth  and its moon.

Blinded by the cite

A new model reveals forgotten influencers and “sleeping beauties” of science.

Measuring Medicaid

For informed decisions on health care policy, Katherine Baicker prescribes hard evidence.

The long founding moment

The Constitution is a short read. The rest is history.

The writing on the wall

In which creatively inclined College students gain a major.

The long view

Hanna Gray’s memoir offers a first-person view of a career of firsts.

Heavy metal

You probably don’t know musician Joey Brink’s name, but you may have heard him perform. 

Original Source: Bearing witness

A Special Collections exhibit examines the trauma of war.

Fig. 1: Driving up wages

Why do male Uber drivers earn more than their female counterparts?

William Rainey Harper’s Index: Welcome back, alums

Alumni Weekend by the numbers.

Citations: Faculty research

Researchers follow a trail of cosmic “crumbs,” fight the flu, and probe the effects of universal basic income.

For the Record: University news

A selection of the latest headlines from UChicago.

Peer review


The Magazine lists a selection of general interest books, films, and albums by alumni. For additional alumni releases, browse the Magazine’s Goodreads bookshelf.


Highlights from the latest alumni news columns.

Alumni essay

The meditative judge

Yoga and meditation lend a new perspective to a judge's work.


University obituaries

Recent faculty, staff, and alumni obituaries.

Lite of the mind

Alumni Weekend bingo

Remember road trip bingo? Play our version on the quadrangles.